Crack Your Screen

Crack Your Screen 4.0.9

Pretend that you've cracked your phone's display


  • Realistic cracked/broken screen effects
  • Easy to set up


  • You can't choose a crack effect
  • You must re-enter the app for every new crack


Crack Your Screen is a prank app that lets you fool your buddies into thinking that you've smashed your Android phone's screen.

Once installed, the trick is very simple to set up. You simply load the Crack Your Screen app then hit the Ready button to activate it. Shake your phone and a crack will appear over whatever it is you're looking at on your device. Shake it again and it will disappear. Unfortunately this only works once, and if you want to bring up the crack again, you have to go into Crack Your Screen again and repeat the process.

Crack Your Screen includes several different cracked effects that appear randomly (i.e. you can't choose which one you want), and most are very realistic, especially the color distortion ones. The crack will stay on screen until you shake it to remove it. This makes it all the more convincing because it makes the defect look permanent.

If you're looking for a fun prank to play on your friends, then install Crack Your Screen on their device while they're not looking. Then watch their horror after you shake their screen and 'smash' their phone!

Crack Your Screen


Crack Your Screen 4.0.9

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